Powher fat burner for women

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Powher is a female-focused so-called ‘fat burner‘ supplement

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Powher fat burner for women, Powher cut is a new female fat burner that has recently hit the market. Like Leanbean it uses Glucomannan to suppress cravings, however it also includes 100mg of caffeine, which the makers claim will naturally
boost your metabolism whilst raising energy levels.

Powher fat burner for women

Powher comes with 180 capsules per month which makes it one of the best value fat burners for women on
the market. There’s also a moneyback guarantee as well as discounts for those who buy multiple boxes.

Key features

Natural caffeine to boost metabolism
Massive 3000g of Konjac per serving
Reduces cravings
Multi box discounts

 why powher?

With thousands of women striving for the perfect combination of a Victoria Secret model figure and a high-flying career, the supplement industry is now stuffed full of pills and potions all promising miracle results.

And if you have been familiar with the marketplace for some-time, you’ve probably realized that these types of products often fall into two different categories.


They are aggressive, stimulant packed options designed for men looking to get ripped.


They are weak blends of exotic sounding ingredients, that are big on claims but have no actual proven benefits!


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